Synergy XIII offering draws many new breeders and sees strong demand

            The 13th annual Synergy Sale, featuring SimGenetics from 12 breeders attracted a number of new breeders, as well as new junior exhibitors and their families, along with established breeders on Sept. 26th. The event, which also featured a junior show, showmanship and leadership contests was hosted by Smith Genetics, Giddings, Texas. Bidding was active throughout the offering from the large crowd in attendance and the internet, as 112 lots averaged $7,288.
            Brian & Britni Sandifer, Hempstead, Texas were the final bidders on the high selling lot, Smith Shining Bella 21G at $30,000. This three-quarter Simbrah female features the proven Smith Bella Bella maternally. Her sire is Smith Dream Carson 77D, whose dam is a full sister to Shawnee Miss 770P, the dam of WLE Uno Mas and 77D is sired by Dream On. This was one of eight lots to sell that featured the Smith Bella Bella Cow Family and was from the Smith Genetics herd.
            Smith Liv’s Plays N Plays 158H, a July 2020 Simbrah show prospect from the donor, Smith Topanga Liv 158B captured the attention of many Simbrah breeders. New breeder, Lauren Lambert, Cleveland, Texas made the winning bid of $27,500 for the female. She was sired by Smith Just Because, who was also a sale feature as two one-tenth semen interests sold for $5,250 each to Kelby Boldt, Hempstead, Texas and Sam Hodges, Houston, Texas. These lots were from Smith Genetics.
            Repeat buyers, Kathy Hutto and Ronnie Reeves, Dale, Texas, partnered to purchase half interest in a Smith Bella Bella granddaughter for $27,000 from the Smith Genetics offering. The female, sired by Smith Satisfies sold with an August heifer calf by Smith Practical 42D and was bred back the same way.
New breeders, Scott and Janessa King, Zephyr, Texas made volume purchases and that included the $26,000 purchase of Smith Dreamer 952G, a polled purebred Simbrah yearling heifer. She carries the sire power of RFI Real Deal and her dam is a Smith Satisfies daughter. She sold bred to Smith Practical 42D and was also offered by Smith Genetics.
The Roehling Family, Hempstead, Texas purchased half interest in two full Simmental heifers for $11,500 each. The young ladies featured the genetic combination of W/C Executive Order 8543B and the CMFM Gracie 107B, a featured donor in the Smith Genetics Simmental program. Another Simmental female, bred by Smith Genetics and a Gracie daughter, sired by GSC GCCO Dew North 102C was purchased by Sam Hodges for $21,000.
             Volume buyers included Scott and Janessa King, McCrary Farms, DeKalb, Texas, Danielle Nelson, New Ulm, Texas and the Glueck Family, Cat Spring, Texas. The junior show held the following day, included several heifers purchased in the sale and featured a $15,000 payout between the show and showmanship.
Participants include Triple J Ranch, Strack Farms, Temperance Livestock, Smith Genetics, Reavis Farms, Monte Christo Cattle Co., McCrary Farms, Fralise Farm and Ranch, Hensgens Bros., Diamond RF Farms, Burch Cattle and 7N Ranch.
            The sale was auctioneered by Terry Reagan.


Scott and Janessa King, Zephyr, Texas were volume buyers at Synergy and are new breeders.

Brian and Britni Sandifer and family, Hempstead, Texas made volume purchases at the 2020 Synergy Sale.


Floyd and Shauna Goodwin, Georgetown, Texas added to their Simbrah program at the Synergy event.

The Nelson family made volume purchases at the Synergy event. They are new breeders.



Juniors vie for honors and prizes at Synergy XIII

For the 13th year in a row, the Synergy group held their annual showcase event, which featured showmanship and a junior heifer show for exhibitors of heifers sponsored by Synergy participants.  Youth competed with their Simbrah, Simmental and percentage Simmental and Simbrah cattle for $15,000 in monies and prizes.
Judge Harrison Smith, selected Kayla Sansom as the senior division and grand champion purebred Simbrah winner with her Smith Have No Fear daughter from Smith Genetics. She won a total of $3,250, plus buckle and banner. Chase Glueck was named  the reserve senior division  and the reserve grand champion in the purebred Simbrah show. His heifer, a Smith Satisfies daughter, was sponsored by Smith Genetics. He won a total of $1,600, a buckle and a banner.
Braxton Butler saw his Smith Genetics heifer, a daughter of CMFM Caught Looking D929 take the grand champion Simmental honor. He won $300, a buckle and banner. Pebbles Whitaker exhibited the reserve grand champion Simmental heifer, a daughter of WLE Uno Mas X549 from Smith Genetics and she took home $100, a buckle and banner.
Braden Roehling won the percentage Simmental grand honor with this WLE/LWSC Revolution A409 daughter from Smith Genetics, which netted him $200, a buckle and banner.
Cade Nelson purchased his heifer in the Synergy sale the night before and saw her win the grand champion percentage Simbrah honor. She was sponsored by Temperance Livestock. She is a Devil's Cut daughter and he won $200, a buckle and a banner. Kannin Hill, also made a Synergy sale purchase the night before and the Diamond RF Farms heifer, sired by Smith Satisfies took the reserve grand percentage Simbrah honor. He won $100, a buckle and a banner.
In the purebred Simbrah show, Chase Glueck also won the calf champion honor with a Smith Just Because daughter from Smith Genetics. He won $250. Aiden Glueck took the reserve calf honors with his Smith Genetics/7N Ranch sponsored heifer, sired by Smith Made Solid. He won $100. Butler also won the junior division title in the purebred Simbrah show and $250. His heifer, a daughter of HR Mega Red was sponsored by Strack Farms and was purchased in the sale the night before. Sansom took the reserve junior title in the purebred Simbrah show with her Smith Shortstop sired female. The heifer was sponsored by Temperance Livestock and Smith Genetics. She received $100 for the division win.

The showmanship portion of the event, featured five age divisions with each paying out ten places ranging from $300-$25, plus trophy buckles for the champion and reserve champion in each division. Rusty  Mertink made the selections in the showmanship contest. Winners are listed with photos.
In addition to the show, the Synergy participants also sponsored junior leadership and development contests open to all juniors. Junior sales talk winners were  Pebbles Whitaker, followed by Kendall Compton, and Avery Glueck. Senior sales talk winners were Hallie Hackett, Jakob Sansom and Ryleigh Whitaker.
Junior Skill-a-Thon winner was Pebbles Whitaker, followed by Kendall Compton and Gavin Hinckley. Ryleigh Whitaker was the Senior Skill-A-Thon winner followed by Braedon Stork, and Hallie Hackett.



In the 9 and under division, Zachary Ellis (left)  took grand and Rylan Bell took reserve grand.

In the 10-11-year-old group, Pebbles Whitaker (left) was the champion, followed by Aiden Glueck and Travis Ellis.


The winners in the 12-13 age group were Charlee Bell (left), followed by Madison Morgan, Rory Die, Callie Heaton, Avery Glueck, Gavin Hinckley, Kendall Compton, Jarrett Pool, Jess Pool, and Aiden Andrejczak.

The 14-15 age group the winner was Hallie Hackett (left), followed in placing order by, Grant Hinckley, Lane Guilbeaux, Braden Roehling, Ryleigh Whitaker, Lauren Maxwell, Jakob Sansom, Luke Bauer, Kaleb Morgan, Cade Nelson and Kaleb Morgan.


Trever Jenkins (left) took the championship in the oldest group, followed by Kayla Sansom, Braxton Butler, David Williams, Mary Sanders, Justin Majewski, Joshua Andrejczak, Kaitlyn Bell, Braeden Stork and Haley Andrejczak.

Braxton Butler exhibited the Synergy Grand Champion Simmental heifer.

Braden Roehling exhibited the Synergy Grand Champion Percentage Simmental heifer.

Cade Nelson exhibited the Synergy Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah heifer.


Kayla Sansom exhibited the Synergy Grand Champion Simbrah heifer.

Pebble Whitaker exhibited the Synergy Reserve Grand Champion Simmental heifer.


Kannin Hill exhibited the Synergy Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah heifer.

Chase Glueck exhibited the Synergy Reserve Grand Champion Simbrah heifer.

Chase Glueck exhibited the Synergy Calf Champion Simbrah heifer. Aiden Glueck exhibited the Synergy Reserve Calf Champion Simbrah heifer.

Braxton Butler exhibited the Synergy Junior Champion Simbrah heifer.

Kayla Sansom exhibited the Synergy Reserve Junior Champion Simbrah heifer.


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